Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NFL Week 8 Power Rankings

NFL Week 8 Power Rankings

Top 5

1. Atlanta – Power house team with little to no flaws – 7-0
2. Houston – BYE
3. Giants – With much resistance the Giants have cracked the top 5. This team continues to find ways to win even if it only by a few inches of a finger tip.
4. San Francisco – Alex Smith had an extremely accurate night and the defense as usually looked great. This team looks a lot like the 2000 Baltimore Ravens.
5. Bears – Horrific game by Cutler but as a top 5 team does they find a way to win close games even when they aren't playing well. This game for the Bears was also an emotional hangover game from their big win the previous week so this lack luster effort get a one week excuse.

Bottom 5

27 Saints - This one time top 5 team has drop the on all experts power rankings. The offense has constant pressure to score 20+ points a game to hid the worst defense in the league. The value of a coach is often minimized but the lost of Sean Payton this year is proving to be a significant.
28. Panthers – The implosion has beginning. Once a QB starts to put the blame on others instead of taking it onto himself there is a problem. A QB by default is an leader and therefore Cam is the leader of this team. Cam needs to find some type of mentorship from an older veteran QB to understand how to become a leader of men.
30. Browns – Great game by Trent Richardson but was only able to put up seven points against an decline Chargers team. I’m not impressed
32. Jaguars – Tough to be good when you are missing your teams two best offensive players (MJD and Gabbert)
31. Chiefs – Another lost!!! The crazy stat is this team has not lead at any time during a  regulation game. Sad and sorry.

Fantasy Monster – Doug Martin – Rookie Breakout Game

Sanchez Watch – Sanchez didn’t play well but the special teams played worst. Hopeful over the upcoming bye week the Jets coaching staff will implement new plays to put a spark in this offense because this team is often painful to watch.

Thoughts? Disagreements? Opinions?

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