Thursday, October 18, 2012

NFL:Below Average, Average or Above Average (Thoughts on 3-3 teams)

Below Average, Average or Above Average (Thoughts on 3-3 teams)

Buffalo Bills – Average – Solid offense and under performing Defense, the one thing  I know is on those cold winter days in buffalo their two headed monster at running back (Fred Jackson and C.J Spiller) will cause teams a lot of the problems and maybe by then the defensive will start to gel and play better.  
Cincinnati Bengals – Above Average – A.J. Green is becoming a top 5 receiver, only thing missing is more consistent play of Andy Dalton and this team can easy catch and surpass the Baltimore Ravens   
Denver Broncos – Below Average –The Broncos  seem to always fall behind by double digits and ever now and again comeback and win. Once teams learn to take away Peyton Manning’s short game and force him to throw it deep I see this team losing more games than they win.

Green Bay Packers – Above Average – Besides being cheated out of a game by the replacement refs this team is playing above average football. Aaron Rodgers also seems to thrive when people doubt him. The Pack this year will pull of a 4 game winning streak at some point this season

Miami Dolphins  - Average – They have so far avoided the curse of HBO’s Hard Knocks. Ryan Tannehill isn't that bad and the defense keeps the team in games which allows the Dolphins to sneak away with wins. Not a bad formula for a team with a rookie QB.

New England Patriots – Above Average – With such a prolific offense this team should have only one loss but for the advantages they have on offense they lack in the secondary. Tons of high draft picks in the secondary under performing cause this team to appear average when they really aren’t.

New York Jets – Below Average - The only team my team can score is through Special Teams and the defense either giving the offense a short field or scoring themselves. When a team has to use so many reverses and trick plays to move the ball on offense they are doomed.

Philadelphia Eagles - Above Average - All the pieces are there, the only thing missing is a QB that doesnt average three turnovers a game.

San Diego Chargers - Average - The lost on Monday night will be the tipping point for this team either they go down further in the drain or they become revitalized and win a very win-able division

St. Louis Rams  - Average - This team has a weapon on each level but not enough blue chip starters, they will be in every game until the end but anything better than an 8-8 record would be a surprise

Washington Redskins - Average - Decent weapons on offense with a average defense. RG3 will have his greatest test this weekend against the NY Giants pass rush. If the skins win this game they will be #1 in the NFC East.

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