Sunday, October 28, 2012

5 reasons Why the James Harden trade is good of OKC?

1. Not a Max Player -James Harden was not a max player. The way he disappeared in the final and at some points in regular season proves he wasn't worth 60 million.

2. Sergi Ibaka - With Harden gone and Martin with a expiring contact OKC has the option to sign Sergi. Sergi is the best defender on a other wise weak defense team and he more then likely this seasons Defensive Player of the Year.

3. No scoring drop off - The combination of Martin, Lamb and a now healthy a Manyor give OKC than enough scoring to cover Harden's 17.0 PPG.

4. The Rookies - This teams has a lot of young talent (Lamb and Jones III) to grow with their young leaders of Durant and Westbrook.

5. The Draft Picks -  OKC recieved 2 future first round picks from Houston. This team hasn't missed on a first round draft pick in the last 5 years. Sure Jeff Green isn't a superstar but he is a quality player along with every pick this team has had. 

Agree or Disagree

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