Thursday, February 21, 2013

Couch Time Stories: Washington Capitals vs NJ Devils

In my quest to become the next Bill Simmons or Michael Wilbon I have decided to go where no brotha has gone before. Tonight I have decide to watch some hockey (or gliding as I like to call it). I have been to a handful of hockey games and I know the basic rules my knowledge is due to some lessons from friends and an obsession I had with EA Sports NHL 95 for PC.

1st Period

  • Always glad to see a fellow brotha on the team, that being said #42 Ward is now my new favorite Capital.
  • Devils defense is playing super stingy in the first period. Looks like the Capitals will only score if there is a mental breakdown.
  • Ovechkin looks a step slow so far, a 100 million dollar in your pocket can slow you down.
  • Beautiful stop by Martin Brodeur toward the end of the 1st. This guy has been playing forever, amazing to see a 40 year old leading the number two team in the east.

2nd Period

  • I always wondered if coaches called plays out of time outs in hockey. You know Player X screen Player Y which should give Player Z an easier shot. Maybe I should be a hockey coach, I can revolutionize the game.
  • Aggressive play by Ovechkin lead to the powerplay for Perreault (Caps 1 - Devils 0)
  • Sloppy puck clearance by Hobtby leads to a soft Devils goal. (Caps 1 - Devils 1)
  • Scoring is really picking up now! Devils unable to clear puck out of zone, easy goal for Caps (Caps 2 - Devils 1)
  • Ovechkin tempo has been the big difference in this period. When he cranks it up the Caps follow.

3rd Period

  • I feel like NHL referees don't get villainized like other sports referees do. They effective use video technology and conference on all questionable calls. It is nice too see the outcome of a game not effected by officiating.
  • Big time 5 on 3 penalty kill by the Caps early in the 3rd, may be the clinching monument of this game.
  • Game tying goal by the Devils, Caps may be tired from killing consecutive penalties (Caps 2 - Devils 2)
  • Power play goal by Devils, really pouring it on in the 3rd. (Caps 2 - Devils 3)

Final Thoughts:
The undoing of the Capitals tonight were penalties late. Though to not give up goals when you have 4 back to back penalties in the final period. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2012-2013 NBA Midseason Awards

Yes I know i'm a little late with this but I usually like to reflect on the season after the all-star weekend festivities. So here it is my unbiased mid-season awards.

MVP - Lebron James - LBJ is playing at a whole new level this year. He has become uber efficient on the offensive end and has become a lock down defender. My only worry is after this seasons record breaking pace Lebron will have difficulty measuring up to himself in future years. This being said my bold prediction is Kevin Durrant will win the MVP award next year.

Defensive Player of the Year - Serge Ibaka - The award should probably be named the most blocks and defensive rebounds award. This year the award break this trend; currently Larry Sanders of the Milwaukee Bucks is leading the league in blocks but he isn't a big enough name to win the award. Dwight Howard is leading the league in rebounds per game but due to the Lakers horrible record along with the villainization of Dwight makes him winning the award unlikely. Sergi should have won the award last year and  this year the league will right their wrongs.

Rookie of the Year -  Damian Lillard - I feel like Damian was crowned this award about a month into the season and he hasn't disappointed yet. Anthony Davis of the Hornets is probably the most valuable rookie but in the eyes of voters points and assist count more than blocks and rebound.

Coach of the Year - Greg Popovich -  As the team gets older they seem to get better.
  • Tim Duncan's game hasn't taken that drastic decline that we all expected. 
  • Tony Parker is playing at a MVP-like level
  • The role players like Bonner, Lenoard, and Neal play their roles and position to a tee.
Most Improved Player - Greivis Vasquez - The sexy pick for this award is Paul George of the Indian Pacers. The biggest difference between George and Vasquez is Vasquez's rise came out of nowhere while most people saw the talent of George (former lottery pick) as at worse a quality NBA pro. In the case of Vasquez most people thought he would be an second or third string point guard with a relatively short career. People including myself thought drafting Greivis at 28th overall was too early but Greivis continues to overachieve by being in the top five in assist per game as well as providing a handful of 30 point games

Thoughts? Disagree? Agree? Let me know.

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