Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NFL Week 4 Power Rankings

Week 4 - Power Rankings

Top 5

1. Houston – Just consistent, I see this team in the top three all season.
2. Atlanta – Too many weapons for one team to cover
3. Ravens - Close game against the Browns but Joe Flacco made all the clutch throws down the stretch.
4. San Francisco – Treated my Jets like a practice squad, they decided to test out some of their trick plays and most of them worked.
5. Green Bay – Beat an already beaten Saints but good win for the Pack, Rodgers seems to be getting back to MVP form.
5. Arizona – The defense is forreal and they seem to find a way to win the close games, not sure how long it will last but you can tell this team believes they are better than people think they are. Miami should have won this game.

Bottom 5

28. Jaguars - MJD struggled and Gabbert couldn't stretch the field, you can never win a game playing like that.
29. Chiefs - This team on paper is so much better, not sure Cassel is the answer here.
30. Raiders - If this team isn't playing in California they cant compete, I don't know how this team beat the Steelers last week
31. Titans - The one time Chris Johnson goes off its in garbage time and now Jake Locker is hurt again. Could we please bring back Eddie George and Steve McNair.
32. Browns - Geno Smith and Trent Richardson is starting to look like the backfield of the future.

Fantasy Monster – Dress Brees – Welcome back we have missed you!!!

Knuckle Head of the Week - Dez Bryant - so much talent but running wrong route and dropping balls. Will he ever get it together 

Sanchez Watch – Jets had 145 yards of total offense on Sunday. Brian Hartline (253), Roddy White (169) and Marques Colston (153) alone had more yard then an entire football team. I think it may be time for the a change.

Any agreement or disagreements?

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