Monday, October 22, 2012

Lift Your Own Weight

One of my favorite days to hit the gym is Mondays. You may ask what makes Monday so special.

1. Usually the start of a new cycle of lifts and I get to compete against what I did last week
and it's
2. Chest and Triceps Day

For most people this is also Chest and Tri's, my guess is this trend started when all the muscle magazines in the late 90's decided to make all their basic lifting programs begin with Chest on Mondays. But the reason that Chest and Tri's Monday are my favorite is not because what I plan to do but because of watching what everyone else is going to do. For some reason the male machismo and ego are at an all time high on Monday especially on the bench press. It never fails me seeing someone almost drop the bar on their chest during a bench press set, after me or someone else helps the nearly decapitated male I always let out a little chuckle.

In general there are no girls in the free weight section but for some reason people throw weight on the bar that they know they cant handle. Unless you are throwing up 315 lb for reps you are not going to get too many ohhh and ahhh in the weight room anyway. So if you struggling to lift 185 lb on the bench why add 30 lbs just because you notice the guy next to you is going up in weight.

Lift your own weight if your max is 185 lb gradually work your way up and stop competing with Mr. Wannabe Phil Heath next to you. If you end up hurting yourself trying to go too heavy you will end up losing progress and you max of 185 lb will quickly drop.

Always remember that big guy that you see bench pressing with 3 plates on each side started with just lifting the bar. Progress and strength grow with consistency and a gradually increase the weight.

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