Friday, November 2, 2012

4 Reason LA Lakers Should Panic

The Lakers are 0-2 and the world is ending. Well were maybe not to that extreme yet but there are alot of warning signs that have appeared in the first few games that Lakers fans should worry about. 

1. Old People Get Hurt Easier - We all remember as a kid when we would fall off the monkey bars or trip over a rock. We would then realize what happened maybe cry a little bit for show and then bounce back up. Our bodies were young and efficient and we recovered from injury quickly. The Lakers have Nash (38) Kobe (34) and  Pau (32) who aren't exactly spring chickens and they also have some injury history. It will take perfect timing for the Lakers to have the best 5 players all healthy at playoff time.

2. Hard to Teach and Old Dog New Tricks - The first two games you could tell the Lakers were thinking more than playing and flowing naturally with the game. The reason for this thinking is the installment of "Princeton Offense". the Lakers have been running the triangle offense for more than a decade and became very efficient at it. It's always easier to build an offense that compliments your stars instead of building an offense for your stars to adapt too. 

3. Team Chemistry - We all saw the struggles the Heat had the first year of the big three experiment.  The Heat didn't really gel until midway into the following season. It will also be hard for the Nash-Kobe-Howard combination to every truly gel when one or all will be hurt at some point during the season. 

4. No slums in the West - Every western conference team has ballers and every team is going to give the Lakers their best shot. The east this year is the weaker conference by far as compared to the West. 

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