Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

Top 5

1. Atlanta – Business as usually a lot closer game than expected but the Raiders can sneak up on people. Offense had a horrible game particular M. Ryan (3 INTS) but was able to move the ball down the field on that last drive to get the winning field goal. 
2. Houston – First big test under the spot lights and the offense didn't show up. The defense also looked like they were missing a linebacker.  
3. Ravens – With all the ESPN coverage I thought Ray Lewis announced his retirement yesterday; this injury won’t effect them too much on the field but Ray will be missed in the locker room.  
4. San Francisco – Deja Vu, The NFL is a league of match ups and I think the Giants may have their number but still no losing hope on this team.
5. Bears – This defense has really stepped up the   

Bottom 5

31. Titans – The steady hand of thee vet Hasselbeck led this team to win, No need to usher in the future too early Locker can wait. Look what waiting did for Rodgers
28. Raiders – Costly last pick six to Asante Samuel cost the time late, this team should be a lot but they seemed cursed.  
 30. Chiefs – So let me get this straight Kansas City you boo’ed an injured Matt Cassel for Brady Quinn……..
32. Browns – Weeden isn't as bad as I thought he was but he doesn't have enough weapons and one of his weapons T.Rich is hurt again.
29. Jaguars –  BYE         

Fantasy Monster – Holy Aaron Rodgers – Six Touchdowns (Welcome back MVP)

Sanchez Watch – A much better game for my boy Mark, I am still worried we beat the team with the worst record in the NFL. The bright side is we are in a four way tie for the division lead going into New England next week, the bad news is we are going into NEW ENGLAND!!!

Thoughts? Disagreements? Opinions?

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