Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finish the Move

There are two kinds of people, those who finish what they start and so on
Robert Byrne

I pride myself that when I start something I finish it, it may not look pretty or it may not be fully effective but if I start something I finish. I remember a few years back a buddy of mine at the gym suggested we do a aerobic step class. Being a "Brotha" I had never had a problem at rhythm or keeping beat to a song. To my surprise I was huffing and puffing, tripping over the step and struggling to keep on pace with the teacher. I saw fellow new comers leave the class early but not me I refused to be defeated by the class and I refused to quit before the end of the session. 

I often see people quitting during work outs or even quitting during sets, I clearly understand that circumstances may come up (ie. injury or family emergency) but I refuse to believe that all these quitters have a legit excuses. I see people do a bench press and the bar moves 2 inches, I see people performing the squat and barely bending their knees. It frustrates me seeing people starting a task and not finishing it, whats the point of starting if your not going to finish. Even though you may realize mid task that you don't enjoy it you should still finish because you will learn something from that experience.

We should apply this mindset in all aspects of life.
If you payed for a movie why leave before the closing credits!
If you are attending a sporting event why leave before the final whistle (I left David Cone's perfect game in 1996) 
If you are in the gym performing a prescribed workout why leave until you have checked of the last item

We may not be being it perfect but we do it till the end and before you know it you will be head of the class! 
(Only in about 2 to 3 month my steppers was up front right next to the instructor and I was with her step for step)

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