Friday, November 30, 2012

Prescribed Gospel vs. Described Gospel

Dreadlocks aren't allowed in Church!
Jeans aren't allowed in Church!
Guys shouldn't have pierced ears that's a sin!
You have tattoo's all over your body that's a sin!
Your hair is relaxed and not natural that's a sin!
You're eating bacon that's a sin!
You're eating shrimp that's a sin!
You are having an alcoholic drink so you apparently must be a sinner?

How many of us have heard these accusations from our fellow brothers and sister in Christ. I know I personally have heard four of these (and yes my hair is natural). We tend to become down when we get a verbal spanking from our fellow saints but how do we know that the sin they are accusing us off is in fact a sin.

The real answer is they can't tell us that our actions are a sin unless they can reference it the bible. The way Holy Spirit may interpret the Bible messages and text to you in a completely different way then to someone else. So who are you to judge?

For example the Bible in Mark 1:17 Jesus says "come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men". The text does not prescribe that we can only make fishers of men in certain locations. So if the Holy Spirit leads you to go to the club to be the witness for your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who has the right to demonize you. The Holy Spirit told you to GO!! and you went. Now we need to be truly careful that it is indeed the Holy Spirit that is leading in all aspects of life and not our own selfish intentions  The best way to validate this is to ask yourself WHY you are doing a particular action, if your intent is for the good of the kingdom then you can trust that nudge telling you to GO.

According to
pre·scribe  - to lay down, in writing or otherwise, as a rule or a course of action to be followed; appoint, ordain, or enjoin

de·scribe  -to tell or depict in written or spoken words; give an account of: He described the accident very carefully.

If we are going to advise our brothers and sister in Christ we need to insure that our source is prescribed from the text which God has given us and not described from us interpreting or altering the Bible for our own purpose.

At the end of the day Jesus tells us that our described church rituals and codes are not important i

Mark 7:18-23 NIV

18 “Are you so dull?” he asked. “Don’t you see that nothing that enters a person from the outside can defile them? 19 For it doesn’t go into their heart but into their stomach, and then out of the body.” (In saying this, Jesus declared all foods clean. 20 He went on: “What comes out of a person is what defiles them. 21 For it is from within, out of a person’s heart, that evil thoughts come—sexual immorality, theft, murder, 22 adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly. 23 All these evils come from inside and defile a person.”   


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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

Top 5
1. Houston – With the help of the refs and the ridiculous rule that a challenge flag negates an actually challenge being reviewed helps the Texans win an overtime thriller.
2. Atlanta – Julio Jones was questionable until game time but ended up playing and stumbled upon 145 yards on six catches with a touchdown. Whenever someone has an off day another stud skilled position player steps up.
3. San Francisco – Team on the rise with Kaepernick at the helm. When Alex Smith was leading the 49ers there was always a sense that if this 49ers ever got behind by two touchdowns the game was over because he wouldn't bring them back. With Kaepernick’s elite arm strength and Farve like mentality he adds that missing dimension - (comeback-ability).
4. Bears – Cutler was slicing and dicing through the Vikings Defense (see what I did there Cut-ler slicing and dicing). Cutler’s play covers up the mistakes of a weak offensive line and his play turns B. Marshall into a top 5 receiver.
5. Ravens/Giants – The two Jeckel and Hyde teams of the NFL, you never know which version is going to show. Wouldn't I be surprised if these two met in the Superbowl

Honorable Mention- Broncos – I just don’t believe they would stand a chance against any of the top five teams but MVP Peyton Manning has been proving everyone wrong this year.

Bottom 5

28. Browns – Love the weapons and the future for this team, only a few skilled players away from being a contender
29. Jets – Embarrassing loss on national TV on Thanksgiving night.
30. Eagles – The Eagles secondary is scattered with first round picks but yet we don’t see first round talent or play. Andy Reid had a good run but it appears the Eagles are in need of some new blood at the head coach position.
31. Jaguars - Chad Henne continues to be a spark maybe the Jags were playing for the future to early!!
32. Chiefs – Right now the Chiefs are thinking about which QB they plan to select with the number one pick. At the beginning of the year the clear consensus #1 QB and # 1 pick was Matt Barkley but his stock has drastically dropped this year. The track record of recent USC QB’s in the league isn't helping him either (C. Palmer. M. Leiner, and M. Sanchez)

Fantasy Monster - Bryce Brown with a 178 yards and two touchdowns day (who?????????)

Sanchez Watch – No words, when your own offensive lineman's !#!#$!$ can cause a fumble I don't know what to say.

Thoughts? Disagreements? Opinions?

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

4 Tips on How not to overspend on Black Friday.

1. Budget - Have a set amount and stay within that set amount. Don't be persudade and woed by all the deals you see.

2. Need first, then want- Do you need that third plasma TV for the guess room or do you need that washing machine to replace your 30 year old one on the fritz.

3. Research - Don't buy anything that you havent researched and watched the price on. We often get suckered into buy a product we think is on "sale" when it really isnt a sale. Do your research and don't get suckered into the flashy 50% off signs you may see.

4. Bring a list - With a list in hand we are more likely to stay within budget and buy things which we need and have fully researched.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

 NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

Top 5
1. Houston – It only took overtime to beat the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars but the Houston Texans remain hot and remain at the number one spot . The offense was explosive as usually but the defense was completely under prepared not sure if this is the Texans missing B. Cushing or if  they were surprised by the talent of Jags replacement Chad Henne (do people game plan for Chad Henne)
2. Atlanta – This apparently was the week of struggles for the upper tier teams in the NFL but none the less the Falcons squeak out a win. Matt Ryan hurts his MVP candidacy big time with his five interception performance.
3. San Francisco – Defense was firing on all cylinders especially Aldon Smith with a career high five sacks in one game. Another note from this game last night is Alex Smith may have lost his job for good.
4. Bears – Mr. Checkdown aka Jason Campbell did what he does best and that is not taking any chances down the field. I am surprised Jay Cutler was able to stay injury free for so long behind the pitiful make up of an offensive line.
5. Ravens– It’s so hard to know which Joe Flacco you are getting from week to week but the Ravens compete in every game no matter how many which Joe shows up.

Bottom 5

28. Jets – Not impressed!! the real test comes on Thursday against their hated rivals the New England Patriots
29. Eagles – Sad to see this will be Andy Reid’s last year as the coach of the Eagles. Hopefully Andy get the respect to finish out the season before he is forced “voluntary stepping down”
30. Browns – Led for a good chunk of this game but the cardiac Cowboys came through at the end. If Dallas could start every game with the mentality of being down by 10 and starting the 3rd quarter maybe they could make an appearance in the first half.
31. Jaguars – Gave the Texans a real scare here but the results didn’t end the way the Jags wanted. Maybe C. Henne will be the spark needed to get this team out of the cellar of the NFL.
32. Chiefs – The Good – They held the lead at one point this weekend. The Bad – They still lost.

Fantasy Monster -. Justin Blackmon and RG3 – Rookies going offffff!!

Sanchez Watch – Amazing how Sanchez can look like a serviceable quarterback when he doesn’t make a stupid mistake early. I hope he has his head on straight for the Jets Thanksgiving match up against the New England Patriots

Thoughts? Disagreements? Opinions?

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Boy to Man: 5 Phase of Man's evolution with Women

1. Infatuations - Age (Birth to 7) At these age we are babies in life and we don't know how to do anything on our own but we have the magically creature in our lives who feeds us, changes us and plays with us at a whim and her name is MOM. We love mom and she can do no wrong, sure when we get a bit older we get mad at mommy and have temper tantrums if we don't get our way but if we ever hurt ourselves and/or get scared of something we run to Mom for comfort.

2. Hate - (ages 7 to 12) Around this age we are starting to become too cool to hang out with Mom and all the girls in our social circle are now yucky. At this age us boys are big ball of activity and energy and for the most part the girls in our age group cant keep up with us. So in our heads we think what is the point of having girls around if they cant play catch as long as we do or run as fast as us "what good are they"

3. Infatuation (ages 13 to 15) At this stage us men start to realize that girls aren't that bad and we want to hang around them more. We start to have tingly feeling around girls, we start to stutter and become more self conscious when a pretty girl is around. We want to have our first girlfriend and discover if these mystical creatures can satisfy these new emotions and sensations we are feeling.  

4. Too Cool for School - (ages 16 - varies on maturity) In these later high school years we are no longer infatuated with girls because we have so many options. We have now become self aware of what qualities and traits we want in a women and we can discover that not one woman has all those traits so we tend to give women less respect then deserved. Also at this age it becomes a social badge of honor from our fellow men to see how many woman we can juggle. We have yet to understand that every women heart should be treated as delicately as we would treat that of our mother's or sisters. Yes not all relationships will work but their is a right and a wrong way to end things.

5 Infatuation - (Various) This is the age when we find that woman that we want to spend the rest of your life it. You feel the deep desire to protect this delicate flower at all cost, we put her needs above our own and we are all in. This is the woman that you want to have kids with and you are anxious to grow old with and share numerous adventures with.

I always thought the love for your significant other would only be surpassed by the love of a parent for their child but I am a first hand witness that this is not the case. I remember in my teens being in a argument with my mother and I guess I stood up too aggressively and then out of nowhere i was tackled by my father!!! I don't even remembering him being is the room when the argument started but he was willing to protect his Queen at all cost.

Will there be a regression by a man between the five stages...YES ,but our goal as men should be to dwell in the third and final stage of infatuation for the majority or our life.


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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

Top 5
1. Houston – Beat a fellow top 5 team ins some horrible conditions. No glaring weakness on the team, this may be the only team in the AFC that can win the Superbowl.
2. Atlanta – Tough loss to New Orleans but still a top notch team. This game came at the right time for the saints and most experts thought this was a let down game for the Falcons and it was. 
3. Bears – Only wish this team had played the Texans in better conditions and with Jay Cutler for the whole game. Still my favorite to win it all.
4. San Francisco – Although this game ended in a tie it was more of a win for the lowly St, Louis Rams. Kaepernick played well replacing Smith and added a new element (a running QB) to the offense.
5. Giants – Eli and the boys are in a bit of a free fall the Bye week couldn't come any sooner for these guys. They will need to reassess and see what has happened to that explosive offense and hopeful find the elite pass rush the NY Giants are usually known (where are you Tuck and JPP)

Bottom 5

28  Eagles – Now no Vick ...yikes. Remember when N. Asomugha thought he was an elite corner. 
30. Browns – BYE
30. Jets - The WORST OFFENSE in the NFL. Thank God for a top ten caliber defense or my team would be worse
31. Jaguars – Running into a highly motivated Colts team and still without their team MVP MJD.
32. Chiefs – At least they had the lead for a bit but still a lose. Romeo oh Romeo it's so sad to see you go.

Fantasy Monster – Adrian "All Day" Peterson - 171 yards and 1 TD. And all this off an ACL tear last December.

Sanchez Watch – Another dreadful game, the script for the Jets team is keep it close in the first quarter and then a crippling turnover in the redzone that flips the games in the opponents direction.

Thoughts? Disagreements? Opinions?

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

NFL Midseason Awards

Vincent Lombardi Trophy (Super Bowl Champions) - Chicago Bears

The Pete Rozelle Trophy (Super Bowl MVP) – Charles Tillman

The Lamar Hunt Trophy (AFC Championship) - Green Bay Packers

The George Hales Trophy (NFC Championship) - Chicago Bears

Pro Football Writers of America MVP –Matt Ryan

AP Coach of the Year/ Pro Football Weekly /NFL Coach of the Year/Pro Football Weekly Coach of the Year – Mike Smith (Atlanta)

NFL Offensive Player of the Year – Matt Ryan or Peyton Manning – Ryan has the weapons and the team factor but Peyton will be the feel good story of the year and is Mr. Popular.

NFL Defensive Player of the Year – JJ Watt – He may contest with the single season sack record and he is cruising on the hype train.

NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year - Andrew Luck (Ind)– substance over flash (RG3)

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year- Luke Kuechly (Car) – Nothing like a tackling machine at middle linebacker.

NFL Comeback Player of the Year -Peyton Manning (DEN) (Guaranteed!!! A Lock)

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NFL Week 9 Power Rankings

NFL Week 9 Power Rankings

Top 5

1. Atlanta – M.Ryan had a bit of trouble passing on the Dallas defense but M.Turner had a solid game and the defense forced some turnovers.
2. Houston – Great job against a pesky Bills teams. A. Johnson decided to be a big time contributor with (118 yards) and A. Foster had his usually 100 yard game.
3. San Francisco – BYE
4. Bears –Defense, Defense, DEFENSE
5. Giants – Eli has been a bit off the past couple of weeks, the drops from the WR aren’t helping either.

Bottom 5

28 Eagles – The worst offensive line play I have ever seen. Are all the offensive lineman dog lovers who secretly hate Vick.  
29. Panthers – Good win against the Redskins a few more games like this and the Panthers will no longer be a bottom feeder.
30. Browns – If you can’t score touchdowns you can’t win especially with these defenses. Great fantasy game for Browns kicker Phil Dawson (5 field goals)
31. Jaguars – No skill players equals no chance. Team is missing a big time wide out and their all-pro running back,
32. Chiefs – So many top 5 draft picks in the past couple of years but still bad, it has to be coaching or player development

Fantasy Monster – Doug Martin – Rookie Breakout Game (repeated)

Sanchez Watch – It was a  peaceful week for since my Jets had a BYE but I can’t wait for all the Tebow talks starts up this week.

Thoughts? Disagreements? Opinions?

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Friday, November 2, 2012

4 Reason LA Lakers Should Panic

The Lakers are 0-2 and the world is ending. Well were maybe not to that extreme yet but there are alot of warning signs that have appeared in the first few games that Lakers fans should worry about. 

1. Old People Get Hurt Easier - We all remember as a kid when we would fall off the monkey bars or trip over a rock. We would then realize what happened maybe cry a little bit for show and then bounce back up. Our bodies were young and efficient and we recovered from injury quickly. The Lakers have Nash (38) Kobe (34) and  Pau (32) who aren't exactly spring chickens and they also have some injury history. It will take perfect timing for the Lakers to have the best 5 players all healthy at playoff time.

2. Hard to Teach and Old Dog New Tricks - The first two games you could tell the Lakers were thinking more than playing and flowing naturally with the game. The reason for this thinking is the installment of "Princeton Offense". the Lakers have been running the triangle offense for more than a decade and became very efficient at it. It's always easier to build an offense that compliments your stars instead of building an offense for your stars to adapt too. 

3. Team Chemistry - We all saw the struggles the Heat had the first year of the big three experiment.  The Heat didn't really gel until midway into the following season. It will also be hard for the Nash-Kobe-Howard combination to every truly gel when one or all will be hurt at some point during the season. 

4. No slums in the West - Every western conference team has ballers and every team is going to give the Lakers their best shot. The east this year is the weaker conference by far as compared to the West. 

Disagree or Agree 

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