Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NFL Week 3 Power Rankings

Week 3 - Power Rankings

Top 5
1. Houston – Just a consistent team playing in a weak conference, the only question for this team is will they get over their playoff woes (+1)
2. Atlanta – Julio Jones was traded for a lot of draft picks but he may actually live up to the expectation unlike Ricky Williams. (+2)
3. Ravens – Nothing like playing with a heavy heart but Torry Smith was inspired and played the best game of his life (+2)
4. San Francisco – I am hoping the lose to the Vikings was just  hangover game from Week 1 and 2 (-3)
5. Green Bay – Was tempted to put Arizona here but I still don’t believe in them, Arizona maybe last  Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins (hot starts but flamed out). As for Green Bay, it's hard to drop a team out of the top 5 after getting cheated out of game (-2)

Bottom 5
31. Jaguars: A win over the Colts has this team slow rising out of the basement.
28. Chiefs/Saints: Nice win for the Chief but if the game was played 10 straight times my money would be on the Saints. Are the Saints really this bad, Sean Payton you are missed.  
30. Raiders: Great win over the Steelers, this is the team I expected to see.  
29. Titans: Tennessee tired every different way to lose this game and still found a way to win it....Congrats PSA- If anyone has found the real Chris Johnson please return him back to the Titans.
32. Browns – You would think a team with so many high draft picks year after year would be better. (Need to follow SF model)

Fantasy Monster - Jamal Charles – He single handedly won me a league game this week. THANKS

Knuckle Head of the Week. MNF Refs – Twitter almost exploded last night after this controversy, I cant with the hear what the Commissioner has to say this week

Sanchez Watch – Back to Back games with a completion percentage under 50%. Luckily with the Jets win and the MNF controversy the NY media will lay off him this week but the leash is getting shorter  

Any agreement or disagreements?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Its in their eyes

"eyes are the windows to the soul"

"its the eye of the tiger"

So this morning in the gym as I was lifting I noticed a lot of eyes were on me. I admit i do the occasional grunting and throwing of weights but today I wasn't doing much of that. I still pushed on through with laser focus and concentrated on my form and mind muscle connection. As I was driving home I decided to think why were some many people watching me and not focusing on your workout, and then it came to me.

In between sets I often get close to the mirrors and look at my eyes with my eyes (hope that made sense). I notice and intensity and fire in my eyes, there is a passion to not be defeated and not to give up. I did a mental walk down memory lane and I noticed the people with sub-par physics or potential newbies had this dear in head lights look about them. The people who I noticed have good to great physics or have lost some weight have the same passion and fire to be better that I have in my eyes.

So for your next lift, run, cross fit, walk, aerobic DVDs etc, take a look in the mirror at your eyes and charge up passion and fire and dare to become better. Your eyes wont ever lie so make sure you do it with fire.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

30% of life at work!

Time spent in life:
1/3 Sleep
1/3 Work
1/3 Doing what ever you want
(give or take peoples' individual situation)

Being a math dork I like to use percentages all the time. I use percentages on how i'm feeling, on how long a task will take me,on how much of my food I have eaten, and etc. I am the guy who doesn't see the glass as half full or half empty, I see the glass at approximately 50%.

So if we plan to spend a third of our life on something why spend it on something you hate or makes you miserable. Most people will say it for the money but if you are overworked and miserable can you truly enjoy that money, I think not. Of course there isn't going to be all high moments even if we are working a "dream job" but I feel there is a peace of mind knowing you are doing something that makes you truly happy. I don't think people truly understand how much a third of something is.

Would Miami Heat Big Three win a Championship without Chris Bosh....No
Would the Three Amigo be funny without Mo....... No
Can we live a life and get to Heaven without the Father, Son or Holy Spirit.....No 
Would the Police make be legendary music with out Sting...... No
Would Run DMC rock the crowd with out Rev Run ...... No
Would Rice Krispie Cereal taste great with out Snap..... No 

We need to treasure and value every moment we have on this earth and I refuse to give up a third on something I don't love. As I am currently venturing and searching for a better third. I ask all you to do the same!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Week 2 NFL Top & Bottom 5

Week 2 - Power Rankings (my power rankings are based on which team would beat a team below them on a neutral field.

Top 5
1. San Francisco - Best Defense in the League and Alex Smith does just enough to keep his team in the game.
2. Houston - Ground and Pound, hard to lose when you have two top 20 backs on one team and oh yeah and the have a man named ANDRE JOHNSON
3. Green Bay - Rodgers is the best QB in the league but this team will go as far as their Defense will take them. 
4. Atlanta - Solid and fast defense and two monster receivers time for Matt  Ryan to get some playoff wins under his belt. 
5. Ravens - Make or break year for Joe Flacco, the window is closing quickly on the defensive side of the ball Ray Ray and Reed aren't getting any younger plus Suggs is out

Bottom 5
28. Chiefs: Still think this team has playoff potential, they wont be here long
29. Titans: What happened to CJ2K!@!#!$!#!
30. Raiders: I had high hopes the with a full training camp Carson Palmer would be better, I was clear wrong.
31. Jaguars: MJD maybe should have sat out and saved his legs for another season
32. Browns - Weeden played better but the future QB is clearly Matt Barkley or Laundry Jones.

Fantasy Monster - Reggie Bush  (Dolphins) - No Kardashian = Good Bush

Knuckle Head of the Week. Josh Morgan (Redskins) - The person the retaliates always gets caught, we learned this in 5th grade Josh

Sanchez Watch - So me boy Mark Sanchez didn't play well but im not too mad at him. There were a lot of drops and its on the Offensive coordinator to give the QB some short plays i.e screens and quick slant to get our qb back on track.

Any agreement or disagreements?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Acts 20:24

"But none of these things move me; nor do I count my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received"

Thoughts: In this verse Paul is stating his priorities in life and the reason for his existence on earth. In the first line here " none of these things move him " I believe he is referring to all earthly possessions, rewards and/or titles. Paul is brushing off everything on earth and stating that none of these things matters to him, and that his eyes are fixated on the bigger picture which is living an acceptable life with God and spreading His word. 

Paul even considers his life as not significant. We are often caught up in setting goals and achieve earthly reward and  forget our true mission. I am not saying personal goals are not necessary but all of our personal goals should be a sub-bullet to the major goal of  life which is living right with God and spreading His word. This verse reminds me of 1 Thessalonians 5:17 "pray without ceasing", (I always remembered this verse just in case I got called on to site a memory verse in Sunday school), it would be impracticable to pray all the time every minute everyday. Imagine driving, walking and eating with our heads down and our eyes closed, A lot of people would go and see the Lord a lot earlier. The meaning behind 1 Thessalonians 5:17 is that God want us to have him on our mind at all time. The Lord wants us to think of him with every action.  

During the early phase of our Christian journey this hand in hand walk and the ability to have earthly things and our life not matter will be difficult. Am I there yet...NO, but I believe that the more time I spend in God's word and presence the less things will move me, the less I will not count my life as dear, and praying/thinking without ceasing will become second nature. 


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Squats and Deadlifts oh my

So yesterday in the gym I noticed that I was smiling in the gym, for no particlar reason (yes there were pleanthnof pretty girls to smile at in tje gum but that wasnt why). I decided to take a step back to figure out why I was smirking, then I realized it was because I love weight lifting. I love weigh lifting because I am a competition junkie and every time I lift a weight I am striving to be better than my last lift.

I was particular working legs yesterday and doing my all time favorite exercise the squat. Although odds are there will never be a time I will have to squats 400 plus pounds in everyday life I find it amazing that my body has been trained to do it if need be.

Do you guys every find yourself astonished by how much and why you lift? why do you workout? If you don't why not?

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hi all my name is Dre and welcome to my blog.

Three of my biggest passions in my life are:
Lifting...my hands to Jesus
Lifting...my hands and voice while watching sports
Lifting...heavy weights in the gym

These three aspects of my lifting life will generally be my topic of all my post . A little bit about me born and raised in the Bronx, NY by my Jamaican parents. Currently living in Virginia and working in Washington DC.

I have been a Christian for the majority of my life. Growing up in church I think you took God and Jesus for granted. As I grew older and became more tested in life I learned that I need God more than he needs me. Everyday I strive to become a strong christian because at the end of the day all else will fade but my Soul.

I am a fan of New York Jets, Mets, and Knicks (yes I know vote for all the sorry teams in NY but its not my fault). Favorite NY Jet of all time is Curtis Martin, Favorite NY Knick is Charles Oakley, and Favorite NY Met of all time Doc Gooden.

I am currently on a weight loss journey, my highest weight has been 350lbs and I am currently around 280lbs. My goal is to be a solid 235lbs. In order to reach these goals I have become a bit of gym rat and have fallen in love with lifting weights. When I lift weights I train hard and I train heavy and I have seen good results so far. On the cardio end of things I will usually do a spinning, cardio kickboxing or a Zumba class (don't jugde me, dudes can Zumba too).

Anyways thanks for reading my intro I look forward to share my main rants and observations of the world around me. Feel free to hit me with many thoughts or questions (rumor has it I give great relationship advice)

Dre Out!