Thursday, October 11, 2012

Full Commit before you Judge

I always find it funny when people say something doesn't work when we see it clearly worked for others. I believe people do not fully commit to a task and are quick to provide negative feedback. There are numerous home workout programs ie. Insanity, P90X and numerous diet plans and strategies ie. Weight Watchers, Jennie Craig, Paleo, Low Carb, Atkins etc. We see before and after pictures and read inspiring testimonials and then we think we can follow the same plan and get the results. So we go out and buy into the program but don't really buy in.

We get on our P90X or Weight Watchers and we go hard the first couple of days and then we start missing workouts or we start tweaking the program and start saying things like.

"I only can do half of today's routine"

"5 days a week is too much, I can just do 4 and go really hard one day"

"I don' need to track my points today, this is similar to what I ate yesterday"

"I know what five ounce of chicken looks like no need for me to weight this"

"I was good this week, so I can over eat on my weekly allowance"

And the list goes on and on..........

These same people are the first to write a negative review on Amazon, the first to tell friends Weight Watchers, P90X and  Insanity doesn't work. We have to fully commit to a program before we can past judgement on it. Wouldn't you want someone to spend the time to get to know you before they give others opinions about you, so then we should do the same for everything,

So after two month of Insanity tell me if it works, after 90 days of P90X tell me it works, after 12 weeks of following WeightWatchers system and reading all the basic material then and only then CAN YOU TELL ME IT WORKS

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