Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NBA 12-13 Season Awards Predictions

Comeback Player of the Year - Jeff Green - Loved his talent at Georgetown and in OKC before the trade, with the Celtics being so old I see Jeff getting 25+ minutes also the crop of SF/PF in the eastern conference is very week. If we get the Jeff Green from a few years ago we have the Comeback Player and possibly the Sixth Man of the Year Award winner.

Most Valuable Player - Lebron James - I think Lebron always thought he was the best player in the world but know he knows and that self realizations of your own greatness is a powerful weapon. He has gotten the NBA Champion Monkey off his back and now sky is the limit.

Rookie of the Year - Austin Rivers - The Hornets have nothing else and Rivers has a quick trigger finger to shoot the rock, what he lacks in defense will be covered up by Anthony Davis (#1 Pick, 2011 College Player of the Year).  Harrison Barnes will be  a close second.

Out of No Where Rookie (not really an award) - Jared Sullenger - he reminds me of a  D.Blair (SA)  type. A smart player with below grade athletic ability. If Jared's knee and back hold up he can average close to a double double every night (10 pts 7 rb). Last year Kawhi Leonard would have won this award

Sixth Man of the Year - James Harden - An Olympian coming of the bench (need i say more). I can see someone on the Clippers second team winning this award (G.Hill, L.Odom, or J. Crawford) once there roles get sorted out.

Coach of the Year - Brooklyn Nets: -Avery Johnson - If he can get this team to the playoffs this award is a lock for Avery.

Most Improved Player - Brook Lopez - He was a Top 5 center prior too injury.  Now he is playing the eastern conference minus Dwight Howard.

Eastern Conference Playoffs

1. Heat
2. Celtics
3. Packers
4. Knicks
5. Hawks
6. 76ers
7. Nets
8. Bulls
9. On the bubble - Milwaukee

1. Lakers
2. Thunder
3. Spurs
4. Clippers
5. Nuggets
6. Memphis
7. Dallas
8. Portland
9 On the bubble - Minnesota (Depending on how effective Ricky Rubio is upon his return)

Eastern Conference Champion: Miami Heat
Western Conference Champions: La Lakers

NBA 2013 Champion - Miami Heat

Lebron has gotten the taste of what it means to be a champion and he is hungry for more. I have a hard time believing Nash and Howard will be full healthy for the Finals after playing a difficult 7 game series against the OKC Thunder.

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