Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

Week 5 Power Rankings

Top 5

1. Houston – J.J Watt has replaced D. Revis as the best Defensive Back in the League
2. Atlanta – Closer game then expect against the Redskins but it shows the true quality of a team that pulls out a win when they aren't playing their best.
3. Ravens - Struggled against the Chief but the defense kept the game low scoring which allowed the offensive to sneak a win out. 
4. San Francisco – Complete and utter destruction of the Bills, If Alex Smith  is out for a bit Colin Kaepernick is a more than serviceable backup.
5. New England  – Patriots seem to getting their groove back, this is mostly to the addition of Wes Welker being a bigger part of the offense. This team will only get better once Aaron Hernandez is back.  

Bottom 5

28. Raiders - BYE Week (Looks like this team not playing has moved them up in the ranks)
29. Jaguars - I thought I was watching the 85' Bears Defense against this horrific Jags Offense 
30. Chiefs - Played the Ravens tough and  had a great game from Jamal Charles but the offense seem to stall in the red zone and only scoring field goals will not win you games. 
31. Titans - Hasselbeck possibly starting may be a blessing in disguise, I rather the veteran with a proven track record than the future career backup QB (J. Locker). 
32. Browns - Had a first half lead over the giants but Eli Cruz and Bradshaw decided to wake up and go off

Fantasy Monster – Giants Offense- Eli, Cruz, or Bradshaw take your pick!!

Knuckle Head of the Week - Chief Fans you can't boo a man that is hurt on the field even if he hasn't been playing well for you. 

Sanchez Watch – For some reason he always throw interceptions in the red zone, is it play calling is it nerves I have no idea but one thing I do know is Tim Tebow needs more snaps. 


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