Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NFL Week 3 Power Rankings

Week 3 - Power Rankings

Top 5
1. Houston – Just a consistent team playing in a weak conference, the only question for this team is will they get over their playoff woes (+1)
2. Atlanta – Julio Jones was traded for a lot of draft picks but he may actually live up to the expectation unlike Ricky Williams. (+2)
3. Ravens – Nothing like playing with a heavy heart but Torry Smith was inspired and played the best game of his life (+2)
4. San Francisco – I am hoping the lose to the Vikings was just  hangover game from Week 1 and 2 (-3)
5. Green Bay – Was tempted to put Arizona here but I still don’t believe in them, Arizona maybe last  Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins (hot starts but flamed out). As for Green Bay, it's hard to drop a team out of the top 5 after getting cheated out of game (-2)

Bottom 5
31. Jaguars: A win over the Colts has this team slow rising out of the basement.
28. Chiefs/Saints: Nice win for the Chief but if the game was played 10 straight times my money would be on the Saints. Are the Saints really this bad, Sean Payton you are missed.  
30. Raiders: Great win over the Steelers, this is the team I expected to see.  
29. Titans: Tennessee tired every different way to lose this game and still found a way to win it....Congrats PSA- If anyone has found the real Chris Johnson please return him back to the Titans.
32. Browns – You would think a team with so many high draft picks year after year would be better. (Need to follow SF model)

Fantasy Monster - Jamal Charles – He single handedly won me a league game this week. THANKS

Knuckle Head of the Week. MNF Refs – Twitter almost exploded last night after this controversy, I cant with the hear what the Commissioner has to say this week

Sanchez Watch – Back to Back games with a completion percentage under 50%. Luckily with the Jets win and the MNF controversy the NY media will lay off him this week but the leash is getting shorter  

Any agreement or disagreements?

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