Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NFL Week 9 Power Rankings

NFL Week 9 Power Rankings

Top 5

1. Atlanta – M.Ryan had a bit of trouble passing on the Dallas defense but M.Turner had a solid game and the defense forced some turnovers.
2. Houston – Great job against a pesky Bills teams. A. Johnson decided to be a big time contributor with (118 yards) and A. Foster had his usually 100 yard game.
3. San Francisco – BYE
4. Bears –Defense, Defense, DEFENSE
5. Giants – Eli has been a bit off the past couple of weeks, the drops from the WR aren’t helping either.

Bottom 5

28 Eagles – The worst offensive line play I have ever seen. Are all the offensive lineman dog lovers who secretly hate Vick.  
29. Panthers – Good win against the Redskins a few more games like this and the Panthers will no longer be a bottom feeder.
30. Browns – If you can’t score touchdowns you can’t win especially with these defenses. Great fantasy game for Browns kicker Phil Dawson (5 field goals)
31. Jaguars – No skill players equals no chance. Team is missing a big time wide out and their all-pro running back,
32. Chiefs – So many top 5 draft picks in the past couple of years but still bad, it has to be coaching or player development

Fantasy Monster – Doug Martin – Rookie Breakout Game (repeated)

Sanchez Watch – It was a  peaceful week for since my Jets had a BYE but I can’t wait for all the Tebow talks starts up this week.

Thoughts? Disagreements? Opinions?

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