Thursday, November 22, 2012

4 Tips on How not to overspend on Black Friday.

1. Budget - Have a set amount and stay within that set amount. Don't be persudade and woed by all the deals you see.

2. Need first, then want- Do you need that third plasma TV for the guess room or do you need that washing machine to replace your 30 year old one on the fritz.

3. Research - Don't buy anything that you havent researched and watched the price on. We often get suckered into buy a product we think is on "sale" when it really isnt a sale. Do your research and don't get suckered into the flashy 50% off signs you may see.

4. Bring a list - With a list in hand we are more likely to stay within budget and buy things which we need and have fully researched.

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  1. Great, great tips! Especially the budgeting tip! I've been guilty for a few Black Fridays now of buying anything and everything that had a "For Sale" sign on it without taking into account how much I can actually afford. Yikes! But researching products before you head out gives you a leg up on as to what stores are selling what you want at different prices!
    Good for you for sharing these shopping tips with us! And good for all those who us them! Happy Holidays!!!