Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

 NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

Top 5
1. Houston – It only took overtime to beat the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars but the Houston Texans remain hot and remain at the number one spot . The offense was explosive as usually but the defense was completely under prepared not sure if this is the Texans missing B. Cushing or if  they were surprised by the talent of Jags replacement Chad Henne (do people game plan for Chad Henne)
2. Atlanta – This apparently was the week of struggles for the upper tier teams in the NFL but none the less the Falcons squeak out a win. Matt Ryan hurts his MVP candidacy big time with his five interception performance.
3. San Francisco – Defense was firing on all cylinders especially Aldon Smith with a career high five sacks in one game. Another note from this game last night is Alex Smith may have lost his job for good.
4. Bears – Mr. Checkdown aka Jason Campbell did what he does best and that is not taking any chances down the field. I am surprised Jay Cutler was able to stay injury free for so long behind the pitiful make up of an offensive line.
5. Ravens– It’s so hard to know which Joe Flacco you are getting from week to week but the Ravens compete in every game no matter how many which Joe shows up.

Bottom 5

28. Jets – Not impressed!! the real test comes on Thursday against their hated rivals the New England Patriots
29. Eagles – Sad to see this will be Andy Reid’s last year as the coach of the Eagles. Hopefully Andy get the respect to finish out the season before he is forced “voluntary stepping down”
30. Browns – Led for a good chunk of this game but the cardiac Cowboys came through at the end. If Dallas could start every game with the mentality of being down by 10 and starting the 3rd quarter maybe they could make an appearance in the first half.
31. Jaguars – Gave the Texans a real scare here but the results didn’t end the way the Jags wanted. Maybe C. Henne will be the spark needed to get this team out of the cellar of the NFL.
32. Chiefs – The Good – They held the lead at one point this weekend. The Bad – They still lost.

Fantasy Monster -. Justin Blackmon and RG3 – Rookies going offffff!!

Sanchez Watch – Amazing how Sanchez can look like a serviceable quarterback when he doesn’t make a stupid mistake early. I hope he has his head on straight for the Jets Thanksgiving match up against the New England Patriots

Thoughts? Disagreements? Opinions?

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