Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

Top 5
1. Houston – With the help of the refs and the ridiculous rule that a challenge flag negates an actually challenge being reviewed helps the Texans win an overtime thriller.
2. Atlanta – Julio Jones was questionable until game time but ended up playing and stumbled upon 145 yards on six catches with a touchdown. Whenever someone has an off day another stud skilled position player steps up.
3. San Francisco – Team on the rise with Kaepernick at the helm. When Alex Smith was leading the 49ers there was always a sense that if this 49ers ever got behind by two touchdowns the game was over because he wouldn't bring them back. With Kaepernick’s elite arm strength and Farve like mentality he adds that missing dimension - (comeback-ability).
4. Bears – Cutler was slicing and dicing through the Vikings Defense (see what I did there Cut-ler slicing and dicing). Cutler’s play covers up the mistakes of a weak offensive line and his play turns B. Marshall into a top 5 receiver.
5. Ravens/Giants – The two Jeckel and Hyde teams of the NFL, you never know which version is going to show. Wouldn't I be surprised if these two met in the Superbowl

Honorable Mention- Broncos – I just don’t believe they would stand a chance against any of the top five teams but MVP Peyton Manning has been proving everyone wrong this year.

Bottom 5

28. Browns – Love the weapons and the future for this team, only a few skilled players away from being a contender
29. Jets – Embarrassing loss on national TV on Thanksgiving night.
30. Eagles – The Eagles secondary is scattered with first round picks but yet we don’t see first round talent or play. Andy Reid had a good run but it appears the Eagles are in need of some new blood at the head coach position.
31. Jaguars - Chad Henne continues to be a spark maybe the Jags were playing for the future to early!!
32. Chiefs – Right now the Chiefs are thinking about which QB they plan to select with the number one pick. At the beginning of the year the clear consensus #1 QB and # 1 pick was Matt Barkley but his stock has drastically dropped this year. The track record of recent USC QB’s in the league isn't helping him either (C. Palmer. M. Leiner, and M. Sanchez)

Fantasy Monster - Bryce Brown with a 178 yards and two touchdowns day (who?????????)

Sanchez Watch – No words, when your own offensive lineman's !#!#$!$ can cause a fumble I don't know what to say.

Thoughts? Disagreements? Opinions?

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