Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Boy to Man: 5 Phase of Man's evolution with Women

1. Infatuations - Age (Birth to 7) At these age we are babies in life and we don't know how to do anything on our own but we have the magically creature in our lives who feeds us, changes us and plays with us at a whim and her name is MOM. We love mom and she can do no wrong, sure when we get a bit older we get mad at mommy and have temper tantrums if we don't get our way but if we ever hurt ourselves and/or get scared of something we run to Mom for comfort.

2. Hate - (ages 7 to 12) Around this age we are starting to become too cool to hang out with Mom and all the girls in our social circle are now yucky. At this age us boys are big ball of activity and energy and for the most part the girls in our age group cant keep up with us. So in our heads we think what is the point of having girls around if they cant play catch as long as we do or run as fast as us "what good are they"

3. Infatuation (ages 13 to 15) At this stage us men start to realize that girls aren't that bad and we want to hang around them more. We start to have tingly feeling around girls, we start to stutter and become more self conscious when a pretty girl is around. We want to have our first girlfriend and discover if these mystical creatures can satisfy these new emotions and sensations we are feeling.  

4. Too Cool for School - (ages 16 - varies on maturity) In these later high school years we are no longer infatuated with girls because we have so many options. We have now become self aware of what qualities and traits we want in a women and we can discover that not one woman has all those traits so we tend to give women less respect then deserved. Also at this age it becomes a social badge of honor from our fellow men to see how many woman we can juggle. We have yet to understand that every women heart should be treated as delicately as we would treat that of our mother's or sisters. Yes not all relationships will work but their is a right and a wrong way to end things.

5 Infatuation - (Various) This is the age when we find that woman that we want to spend the rest of your life it. You feel the deep desire to protect this delicate flower at all cost, we put her needs above our own and we are all in. This is the woman that you want to have kids with and you are anxious to grow old with and share numerous adventures with.

I always thought the love for your significant other would only be surpassed by the love of a parent for their child but I am a first hand witness that this is not the case. I remember in my teens being in a argument with my mother and I guess I stood up too aggressively and then out of nowhere i was tackled by my father!!! I don't even remembering him being is the room when the argument started but he was willing to protect his Queen at all cost.

Will there be a regression by a man between the five stages...YES ,but our goal as men should be to dwell in the third and final stage of infatuation for the majority or our life.


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  1. What about the LUSTFUL stage (18-25 or those college years)? Those emotional,immature ages (as we women like to describe them) when most guys have that complete intense sexual desire to deflower as many roses in their garden. They aren't quite ready to settle down, playing the field becomes second nature, while monogamy is a forbidden word.

    I'm actually on the fence with infatuation being in two stages of any man's evolution with woman. When I think of infatuation, I think of foolish love. At the last phase of a man's involvement with women, what's so foolish about finding the person you plan on spending the rest of your life with? Maybe that last phase should be "unconditional love" that brings forth those emotions that you mentioned above in Phase 5. I'm sure that there are a number of men who've been there or are there....just a thought.....