Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

Top 5
1. Houston – Beat a fellow top 5 team ins some horrible conditions. No glaring weakness on the team, this may be the only team in the AFC that can win the Superbowl.
2. Atlanta – Tough loss to New Orleans but still a top notch team. This game came at the right time for the saints and most experts thought this was a let down game for the Falcons and it was. 
3. Bears – Only wish this team had played the Texans in better conditions and with Jay Cutler for the whole game. Still my favorite to win it all.
4. San Francisco – Although this game ended in a tie it was more of a win for the lowly St, Louis Rams. Kaepernick played well replacing Smith and added a new element (a running QB) to the offense.
5. Giants – Eli and the boys are in a bit of a free fall the Bye week couldn't come any sooner for these guys. They will need to reassess and see what has happened to that explosive offense and hopeful find the elite pass rush the NY Giants are usually known (where are you Tuck and JPP)

Bottom 5

28  Eagles – Now no Vick ...yikes. Remember when N. Asomugha thought he was an elite corner. 
30. Browns – BYE
30. Jets - The WORST OFFENSE in the NFL. Thank God for a top ten caliber defense or my team would be worse
31. Jaguars – Running into a highly motivated Colts team and still without their team MVP MJD.
32. Chiefs – At least they had the lead for a bit but still a lose. Romeo oh Romeo it's so sad to see you go.

Fantasy Monster – Adrian "All Day" Peterson - 171 yards and 1 TD. And all this off an ACL tear last December.

Sanchez Watch – Another dreadful game, the script for the Jets team is keep it close in the first quarter and then a crippling turnover in the redzone that flips the games in the opponents direction.

Thoughts? Disagreements? Opinions?

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