Thursday, November 8, 2012

NFL Midseason Awards

Vincent Lombardi Trophy (Super Bowl Champions) - Chicago Bears

The Pete Rozelle Trophy (Super Bowl MVP) – Charles Tillman

The Lamar Hunt Trophy (AFC Championship) - Green Bay Packers

The George Hales Trophy (NFC Championship) - Chicago Bears

Pro Football Writers of America MVP –Matt Ryan

AP Coach of the Year/ Pro Football Weekly /NFL Coach of the Year/Pro Football Weekly Coach of the Year – Mike Smith (Atlanta)

NFL Offensive Player of the Year – Matt Ryan or Peyton Manning – Ryan has the weapons and the team factor but Peyton will be the feel good story of the year and is Mr. Popular.

NFL Defensive Player of the Year – JJ Watt – He may contest with the single season sack record and he is cruising on the hype train.

NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year - Andrew Luck (Ind)– substance over flash (RG3)

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year- Luke Kuechly (Car) – Nothing like a tackling machine at middle linebacker.

NFL Comeback Player of the Year -Peyton Manning (DEN) (Guaranteed!!! A Lock)

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