Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Week 2 NFL Top & Bottom 5

Week 2 - Power Rankings (my power rankings are based on which team would beat a team below them on a neutral field.

Top 5
1. San Francisco - Best Defense in the League and Alex Smith does just enough to keep his team in the game.
2. Houston - Ground and Pound, hard to lose when you have two top 20 backs on one team and oh yeah and the have a man named ANDRE JOHNSON
3. Green Bay - Rodgers is the best QB in the league but this team will go as far as their Defense will take them. 
4. Atlanta - Solid and fast defense and two monster receivers time for Matt  Ryan to get some playoff wins under his belt. 
5. Ravens - Make or break year for Joe Flacco, the window is closing quickly on the defensive side of the ball Ray Ray and Reed aren't getting any younger plus Suggs is out

Bottom 5
28. Chiefs: Still think this team has playoff potential, they wont be here long
29. Titans: What happened to CJ2K!@!#!$!#!
30. Raiders: I had high hopes the with a full training camp Carson Palmer would be better, I was clear wrong.
31. Jaguars: MJD maybe should have sat out and saved his legs for another season
32. Browns - Weeden played better but the future QB is clearly Matt Barkley or Laundry Jones.

Fantasy Monster - Reggie Bush  (Dolphins) - No Kardashian = Good Bush

Knuckle Head of the Week. Josh Morgan (Redskins) - The person the retaliates always gets caught, we learned this in 5th grade Josh

Sanchez Watch - So me boy Mark Sanchez didn't play well but im not too mad at him. There were a lot of drops and its on the Offensive coordinator to give the QB some short plays i.e screens and quick slant to get our qb back on track.

Any agreement or disagreements?

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