Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hi all my name is Dre and welcome to my blog.

Three of my biggest passions in my life are: hands to Jesus hands and voice while watching sports
Lifting...heavy weights in the gym

These three aspects of my lifting life will generally be my topic of all my post . A little bit about me born and raised in the Bronx, NY by my Jamaican parents. Currently living in Virginia and working in Washington DC.

I have been a Christian for the majority of my life. Growing up in church I think you took God and Jesus for granted. As I grew older and became more tested in life I learned that I need God more than he needs me. Everyday I strive to become a strong christian because at the end of the day all else will fade but my Soul.

I am a fan of New York Jets, Mets, and Knicks (yes I know vote for all the sorry teams in NY but its not my fault). Favorite NY Jet of all time is Curtis Martin, Favorite NY Knick is Charles Oakley, and Favorite NY Met of all time Doc Gooden.

I am currently on a weight loss journey, my highest weight has been 350lbs and I am currently around 280lbs. My goal is to be a solid 235lbs. In order to reach these goals I have become a bit of gym rat and have fallen in love with lifting weights. When I lift weights I train hard and I train heavy and I have seen good results so far. On the cardio end of things I will usually do a spinning, cardio kickboxing or a Zumba class (don't jugde me, dudes can Zumba too).

Anyways thanks for reading my intro I look forward to share my main rants and observations of the world around me. Feel free to hit me with many thoughts or questions (rumor has it I give great relationship advice)

Dre Out!

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