Monday, September 24, 2012

Its in their eyes

"eyes are the windows to the soul"

"its the eye of the tiger"

So this morning in the gym as I was lifting I noticed a lot of eyes were on me. I admit i do the occasional grunting and throwing of weights but today I wasn't doing much of that. I still pushed on through with laser focus and concentrated on my form and mind muscle connection. As I was driving home I decided to think why were some many people watching me and not focusing on your workout, and then it came to me.

In between sets I often get close to the mirrors and look at my eyes with my eyes (hope that made sense). I notice and intensity and fire in my eyes, there is a passion to not be defeated and not to give up. I did a mental walk down memory lane and I noticed the people with sub-par physics or potential newbies had this dear in head lights look about them. The people who I noticed have good to great physics or have lost some weight have the same passion and fire to be better that I have in my eyes.

So for your next lift, run, cross fit, walk, aerobic DVDs etc, take a look in the mirror at your eyes and charge up passion and fire and dare to become better. Your eyes wont ever lie so make sure you do it with fire.

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