Sunday, September 16, 2012

Squats and Deadlifts oh my

So yesterday in the gym I noticed that I was smiling in the gym, for no particlar reason (yes there were pleanthnof pretty girls to smile at in tje gum but that wasnt why). I decided to take a step back to figure out why I was smirking, then I realized it was because I love weight lifting. I love weigh lifting because I am a competition junkie and every time I lift a weight I am striving to be better than my last lift.

I was particular working legs yesterday and doing my all time favorite exercise the squat. Although odds are there will never be a time I will have to squats 400 plus pounds in everyday life I find it amazing that my body has been trained to do it if need be.

Do you guys every find yourself astonished by how much and why you lift? why do you workout? If you don't why not?

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