Saturday, September 22, 2012

30% of life at work!

Time spent in life:
1/3 Sleep
1/3 Work
1/3 Doing what ever you want
(give or take peoples' individual situation)

Being a math dork I like to use percentages all the time. I use percentages on how i'm feeling, on how long a task will take me,on how much of my food I have eaten, and etc. I am the guy who doesn't see the glass as half full or half empty, I see the glass at approximately 50%.

So if we plan to spend a third of our life on something why spend it on something you hate or makes you miserable. Most people will say it for the money but if you are overworked and miserable can you truly enjoy that money, I think not. Of course there isn't going to be all high moments even if we are working a "dream job" but I feel there is a peace of mind knowing you are doing something that makes you truly happy. I don't think people truly understand how much a third of something is.

Would Miami Heat Big Three win a Championship without Chris Bosh....No
Would the Three Amigo be funny without Mo....... No
Can we live a life and get to Heaven without the Father, Son or Holy Spirit.....No 
Would the Police make be legendary music with out Sting...... No
Would Run DMC rock the crowd with out Rev Run ...... No
Would Rice Krispie Cereal taste great with out Snap..... No 

We need to treasure and value every moment we have on this earth and I refuse to give up a third on something I don't love. As I am currently venturing and searching for a better third. I ask all you to do the same!

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