Tuesday, December 4, 2012

NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

Top 5

1. Houston – Just another day in the office (2 passing touchdowns for Schaub, 1 rushing TD for Foster and 1 sack for Watt)
2. Atlanta – A fairly easy win this past Thursday night thanks to Drew Brees playing the worst game of his career. The Falcons bolster one of the best records in NFL but most analyst feel they are the weakest of the top tier team. The answer is still yet to be seen but one thing we know for sure is the Falcons wins games by any means necessary.
3. San Francisco – The Kapernick magic train has hit a bump. I not going to put too much stock into this 49ers loss. I believe this loss was a hangover loss from the high off last week big divisional win against the Saints.
4. Broncos – The hate has gone too far and I would like to apologize to the Broncos fans. The Broncos play isn't flashy and isn't explosive but the Broncos play is consistently good and error free. Denver defense is also playing big and Von Miller has added his name to Defensive Player of the year candidates.
5. Patriots – Brady is looking like Brady again and things are starting to gel a bit more on defense with Talib. The scariest thing is Gronk isn't even playing.

Bottom 5

28. Jets – Even with a win this team doesn't leave the bottom five in my eyes. A very sloppy win for the Jets here. With Sanchez's benching he will probably never be a confident number one QB again.
29. Browns – I really like this team a lot for the future, all they're missing is a explosive receiver and a big time QB (only about 5 NFL teams have this combination anyway). Weeden is proven to be a professional NFL QB but his ceiling is as a second string QB at best.
30. Eagles – Vick done for year, Reid gone at the end of the year. Eagles fans will have to get used to being a AFC East cellar dweller for the next few years. I expect to see the Eagles blows up the team and starts from scratch...So much for the Dream Team
31. Jaguars – No shame here losing to a Bills team that has the tendency to under-performed (except for Sunday).
32. Chiefs – Big time emotional win in the face of a tragic Saturday Kansas City

Fantasy Monster – MegaTron 171 yards, 1 TD

Sanchez Watch – Finally benched!!! the inconsistent play had to stop. I had a nightmare last night the NY Jets QB’s next year were Tim Tebow and Michael Vick. yuuucckkyy

Thoughts? Disagreements? Opinions?

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