Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NBA Predictions: NBA 1st, 2nd and 3rd Team

NBA First Team
1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team
G CP3 Tony Parker  James Harden 
G Kobe Bryant Russel Westbrook Dwayne Wade
F Lebron James Carmelo Anthony  Blake Griffin 
F Kevin Durrant Chris Bosh LaMarcus Aldridge
F/C Tim Duncan Marc Gasol Dwight Howard


  • 1st team was easy to compile only difficult decision was choosing Duncan over Gasol. I gave Duncan the edge for being more consistent this year even though Gasol has played alot more minutes this year then Duncan. Tim Duncan is the key to the Spurs standing on the top of the western conference as is very efficient for the limited minutes he plays.  
  • No need to hate on Howard being on the third team. As usually the NBA is weak with quality centers and Dwight isn't having his greatest year but he is having a solid year compared to his peers.
  • Most difficult team to compile was the third 3rd so many great players that I had to leave out such as Z. Randolph, P. Gasol, JR Smith (sorry i'm a Knick Fan), D. Williams, S. Curry, D. Lee or P. George. 
  • The toughest call I had to make would be between LaMarcus Aldrige and Brook Lopez. Brook Lopez had a wonderful season and he is the last of the dying breed of low post scoring centers.

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