Monday, April 15, 2013

Learning from Weight Lifting to become a better Christian!!! 

Momentum - One thing that I have learned from weight lifting is that you have to be consistent and build upon the monument from previous days, weeks and years. I have had a gym membership since about 2007. Between 2007 and today in 2013. I have taken numerous hiatuses from the gym. Without these hiatuses I know that I would've been faster, leaner and stronger today.  The momentum i'm starting to gain now is the same momentum I apply to my Christian life. I attend church events and meetings even when I don't want because I know I need to maintain momentum and grow stronger in my faith.

Pain is okay - During weight lifting or any exercise your body is tearing down muscle fiber which it will repair and refortify to make the muscle stronger for  future use (or your next weight lifting session). Any fiber tears that occur in your body will cause some type of pain. The same principle applies in a Christian walk. In these verses we hear and are forewarned about the hardships and the pain we will have to go through as Christians.

  • James 1:2-4 
  • John 15:18-20  
  • 1 Peter 4:13 
  • Romans 15:4
But as in weight lifting I have learned the pain is only temporary and there is a greater reward for me past this season of pain.

I am stronger today than I am yesterday -  Every time I go to the gym I get better. I may not be able to throw five extra pounds on the bar but my reps become cleaner or my stamina throughout the whole session gets better. The same growth occurs with my walk with the Lord. I get stronger and more confident in God's word everyday and just as in weight lifting there is no point of maximum strength or maximum Christian ism.

The stronger I get the more I am responsible to help - I am far from and Olympic lifter or a strong man competitor but I can hold my own in the weight room. Usually once or twice a week I get asked for advice on a certain lift or get asked to assist someone while they lift a weight. In my earlier days in the gym these interactions never occurred. As I grow stronger in the Lord I notice that I am asked to speak more in public or present a lesson of some sort. I know the more learn and grow in the faith the more is required from me.

We all know about the Great Commission which Jesus demand of from the disciples in Matthew 28:16-20. A key point some people may neglect is the timing of the Commission. The commission was not given to the disciples earlier in Jesus ministry. The Commission was given after Christ dead and resurrected. The disciples at this point have gone through numerous highs and lows on their walk of faith and now were strong enough to receive the Commission and execute on it.

The stronger we get the more we need to help.

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