Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Couch Time: Clippers vs. Nuggets

  • Most of the nation of men is watching the Orange bowl right now but I can't get into watching a game that doesn't really count for the championship. It's kinda like watching the third place game, sure you get a award/metal but it's not the original hardware you set out for.
  • Andre igudola is an underrated superstar. He should be in the conversion as a top five player.
  • For all the athletes that Denver has they are lacking help on defensive rotations tonight.
  • Blake Griffin has developed a semi decent low post game. Don't think it's good enough for Denver to be hedging double teams but it's much improved.
  • Does anyone else notice that Blake release his jump shot on the decent if the shot. If he learns to shoot at the apex of his shot he could get a better percentage.
  • Javal McGee has so much raw potential, possible all-star potential. The question is well he ever maximize it.
  • Lack of scoring was the demise of the Clippers tonight.

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